Buying recycled shirt fabrics

At Enschede Textielstad we have a wide range of shirt fabrics. Most of our shirt fabrics are made from 100% cotton, much of which is recycled. For solid fabrics you’ve come to the right place, but we also love stripes. All our fabrics are woven in our own factory in Enschede.

Why recycled cotton?

It is best to use a 100% cotton fabric for a shirt. Cotton is easy to process. It lies comfortably in the hand and is supple and strong at the same time. Cotton fabrics are also easy to wash and iron. And if a cotton is also produced sustainably, then you’re in the right place. None of our fabrics are dyed. All color comes from the recycled material. Would you like to know more about our recycling process? Then read our blog about sustainable production.

Below you can see our shirt fabrics:

organic cotton (16)
Organic cotton (1)
recycled cotton (18)
recycled denim (4)
recycled PET bottles (4)
Virgin cotton (warp yarn) (2)
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