Sustainable fabrics

Welcome to the consumer website of Enschede Textielstad! On this shop you will find various products and fabrics made from recycled materials. All our fabrics are developed and woven in Enschede. Our readymade products are made by Dutch partners with a sustainable, social mission. 

Sustainable gifts for the holidays

Order your plaid, scarf, fabric or gift certificate this week and get it delivered before the holidays. We can also wrap your gift for you and send it directly to the recipient. 

No added dyes

We do not dye our fabrics, all colour comes from the recycled textiles in our yarns. That way we save a lot of water and chemicals in our production process. 

New scarves collection

You will now find a new collection of sustainable scarves made from wool and recycled cotton in our shop. Available in different colours, from basic to trendy.  Available in two widths to suit all styles and preferences. 


Local production

All our fabrics are designed, tested and produced in Enschede. In our webshop you will find the most popular fabrics of Enschede Textielstad, new experiments that we would like to share with you and ‘beautiful mistakes’ that we would like to give a second life. 

Sustainable fabrics

Made in Holland


Sent by bicycle courier

Sustainable products and gifts

Recycled textiles

All our fabrics are made from recycled materials, such as recycled denim, recycled workwear and upcycled cotton. We only work with European suppliers. Our ultimate goal is to produce only 100% recycled post-consumer textiles.

Party time! OhScrap! Garland

Together with IkBenVerslingerd we have made a cheerful garland from our leftover fabrics. Available in various lengths and as a fun craft project.

Quality and craftsmanship

Enschede Textielstad stands for craftsmanship and quality. We want to preserve the knowledge and skills needed to produce textiles. We work with skilled and experienced weavers and let them pass on their knowledge to a new generation.