Sustainable kitchen towels

New in our range: sustainable kitchen towels made of recycled and organic cotton. The towels are woven so that the front and back have different colours. The colours match exactly with our range of tea towels.

Sustainable innovation

Our towels look a bit different from the ‘standard’ terry towel with loops. To produce terry towels, a special kind of loom is needed, which unfortunately we do not have (yet). The development of this towel stemmed from our desire to produce a sustainable alternative with the machines we have at our disposal. After several rounds of testing, we created a a double-gauze towel. In this weaving technique, the front and back of the towel are woven separately and joined together every so often. The result is a towel that is not only very beautiful, but also absorbs moisture well and dries quickly.

Made with love in Enschede

Our towels are made at DCW in Enschede. This is a sheltered workshop where people with a distance to the labour market are guided to a regular workplace.

We made the towel prototypes ourselves. Since September 2022, we have been a recognised work-study company and supervise 2 trainees of the ROC from the fashion tailoring course.