Enschede Textielstad X SOETEKOUW

Weaving mill Enschede Textielstad and textile designer Roos Soetekouw have joint forces to develop a sustainable, festive textile collection. The Enschede Textielstad X SOETEKOUW ‘Surprise’ collection consists of a series of upholstery fabrics, plaids, cushions and scarves. The fabrics are woven in Enschede from yarns that mainly consist of recycled fibers. The fabrics are not dyed; they get their colour from the carefully sorted textile waste in the yarns.

On sustainablefabrics.shop we offer the ‘readymade products’ from our Enschede Textielstad X SOETEKOUW Surprise! range. Most products are produced on demand, in order to prevent overproduction and waste. Estimated delivery time is around 3 weeks. After you place your order we will send you an acknowledgement of receipt with the estimated delivery time.

You can take a look at the upholstery collection here. Or contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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