Sustainable fashion and interior fabrics

Our sustainable fabrics are made from recycled and/or locally sourced resources. For example worn jeans that are recycled into new yarns, clipping waste from garment manufacturers and old uniforms. Locally sourced resources are for example European (unbleached) linen and hemp.

All of our fabrics are developed and woven in our factory in Enschede. We source our yarns as locally as possible; we only work with European spinning mills and choose the one nearest to our factory if yarn qualities are equal. The sustainable fabrics get their colour from the recycled material in the yarn, not from extra added dyestuff. That way we save a lot of water and chemicals in our production process.

Fabric type
Linen (1)
organic cotton (22)
Organic cotton (6)
Polyester (7)
recycled cotton (48)
recycled denim (4)
recycled PET bottles (6)
Virgin cotton (warp yarn) (8)
viscose (14)
wool (19)