Sustainable fabrics from recycled yarns is the consumer webshop of sustainable
weaving mill Enschede Textielstad. The mill was founded in 2014 with the goal to make sustainable fabrics accessible for as many people as possible.

That’s why we started offering a selection of our most popular fabrics to consumers on this webshop. You can purchase fabrics per 10 centimeter, so that you don’t have to order more than you actually need for your garment or project.

About Enschede Textielstad

Enschede Textielstad is a sustainable industrial weaving mill and circular knitting factory. We produce fashion and upholstery textiles from recycled resources, such as recycled denim, recycled workwear and clipping waste of the garment manufacturing industry.

The fabrics on stoffen

Normally Enschede Textielstad produces on demand, which means we only start a loom when an order has been placed. We do so in order to prevent us from overproducing fabrics. Also, this way of producing enables us to meet the demands of our customers even more by adjusting fabrics when necessary.

Due to popular demand we made a selection of our most popular qualities available on this webshop. Next to some of our most versatile and popular qualities we will also offer limited edition batches, samples or fabrics with a tiny ‘beautiful mistake’. This way, we enable everyone, wether you’re running a large clothing brand or only want to make one sustainable garment at home, with our sustainable, recycled fabrics.

Do you have questions? Contact our customer support office or take a look at our frequently asked questions.