What does the black tie dresscode mean?

by | Oct 11, 2020

Crevate Noire, or black tie,  is a dress code that you often see at awards ceremonies, weddings and other parties. But what does it actually mean? Currently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic a lot of parties are canceled, but you better be well prepared for when all of that is possible again!

The rules of black tie

Black tie is not just a dress code, but a dress code with some obligations.
The black tie dress code is for events that start after 6pm. The men are expected in a tuxedo with a matching black bow tie and women in a long evening dress or chic cocktail model. For a long evening dress, you can be inspired by the classic V-neck or an asymmetrical off shoulder. When you choose a cocktail dress, make sure that it is not too short: preferably just above the knee. In addition, make sure you have matching tights.

Black tie dress code: suitable colors

The best colours suitable for the black tie dress code are calm and classic. Think of the earthy color palette, but also dark colours such as dark blue, black and burgundy. When the occasion takes place in summer, pastel colours such as pastel pink and blue are also suitable. Bright colours and prints, on the other hand, are less appreciated, although classic red does receive a lot of praise.


Accessories should of course not be missing. They can be striking, but make sure that it remains harmonious. This applies to both men and women. The more refined the look , the more it will be appreciated.

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