Beautiful mistake – Panama verdoso

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With a weight of approximately 250 grams per square meter, the Verdoso panama is a perfect fabric for products that require a medium weight fabric. The material is good to use for coats, canvas bags and pillowcases. This material is also very suitable for dresses and shirts that should not fall too smoothly.

We sometimes encounter problems when adjusting the loom. The temples that must ensure that the fabric does not shrink too much during weaving have in this case done their work a little too well and pulled the fabric too hard. The result is that a vertical line runs across the fabric on one side edge (see detailed photo). The effective working width of the fabric (ie the width without the line) is approximately 137 cm. A waste to throw away, because you can still use the material very well! We give you a nice discount on the normal price and hope you give this ‘beautiful mistake’ a second chance.

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Approximately 150 cm (withoug the mistake 137 cm)


appr. 250 gr/m2


recycled cotton


Stripe of the temple at 10 cm from the side of the cloth. Effective working width without the flaw is approximately 137 cm


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