Chambray Nero

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The Chambray Nero is as pleasant to work with as it is to wear. It is a lightweight fashion fabric which drapes beautifully. The fabric is composed out of organic and recycled cotton and is therefore breathable and soft by its nature.

The weft yarns (horizontal) were spun from black recycled cotton. Those yarns are adding the black color to the fabric. The warp yarns (vertical) are
made from unbleached cotton.

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Additional information


155 cm


approximately 168 gr/m2


organic cotton, recycled cotton

Extra info

Due to the black recycled cotton we used and due to the weaving design we created,
Chambray Nero has its uneven exciting structure. Chambray Nero would be the perfect choice for making shirts or dresses. However, it is also suitable when it comes to making garments such as blazers.


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