Cotton and recycled denim Panama | Coupons


Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that weaving errors occur on the loom, which sadly means that a customer’s original order has to be cut up into smaller rolls. For the customer, we reweave the order and offer these smaller rolls of fabric on our webshop Together the rolls were unfortunately not perfect but as a coupon they are. We are offering these rolls at a 20% discount and hope in this way to make someone happy with this fabric. And if the customer is happy, so are we.

The coupons all have a width of 150cm. Choose which one you want to order and you will see the discounted price appear immediately!


Additional information


152 cm


approximately 202 gr/m2


organic cotton, recycled denim


0.9m, 1.0m, 1.60 meter, 1.90 meter, 2.0m


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