Cross twill black

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The Cross Twill is a blend of organic cotton, recycled cotton and wool. Even though the fabric has not undergone any dyeing process, the Cross-twill black comes with an almost
black surface on the front side. All the color is obtained by the yarn spun from recycled black fibers. Due to the weaving pattern we developed, we were able to get mostly all color to the frontside of the fabric. As you can see on the second displayed image, the backside of the fabric remains mostly white. However, you should feel free to use the fabric either ways!

The cross twill is a rather thick cloth. It is suitable for upholstery but also for creating garments. It would be a considerable choice for making coats or blazers. It is also suitable for making textile related home articles such as pillowcases or wall décor.

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140 cm


approximately 321 gr/m2


organic cotton, recycled cotton, wool




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