Finely woven cotton twill • dark blue

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This dark blue supple fabric is finely woven from a thin yarn. The twill weave creates the slanting line in the fabric that you often see in jeans. The front of the fabric is dark blue, at the back the unbleached white warp yarns predominate. You can play with this effect in your design. This version is perfect for supple-fitting garments. Are you looking for a slightly thicker and sturdier material? Then take a look at the slightly heavier sister of this fabric!

  • 100% cotton, of which 43% recycled
  • Woven in Enschede
  • Not dyed; colour comes from recycled material

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150 cm


43% recycled cotton, 57% (organic) cotton




Approximately 150 gr/m2

Additional information

All our dark blue fabrics are made of the same yarn colour. Mix & match with fabric weights and patterns!


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