Kitchen towel made of recycled cotton | Lila – White


New in our range: an absorbent kitchen towel that matches our tea towels! Due to the weaving technique used, the towel absorbs moisture well and the front is coloured differently from the back. No dye has been used for the colour of these tea towels and kitchen towel. The colour comes purely from carefully selecting the recycled material by colour. At our weaving mill in Enschede, yarns from the recycled material were used to weave a cloth. This cloth is made into the perfect kitchen towel at a sheltered workshop.

Choose from one piece or a set of two. If you would like to order a large quantity please feel free to contact us via the contact form.

Please note: because the kitchen towel is loosely woven, it will still shrink a little. We have made the towels extra large, so even after shrinking you will still have a nice big towel that dries even better after each wash.

Additional information


Organic cotton, recycled cotton


approximately 50 x 70 cm


Lilac, White


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