Green recycled cotton cross twill

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Not afraid of a little color? Then this cross twill fabric is perfect for your next sewing project! The fabric consists of 87.5% (mostly recycled) cotton. 12.5% polyester has been added to make the recycled yarn stronger. The fabric is not dyed; the colour comes from the recycled material in the yarns. This is a slightly thinner vegan version of our wool cross twill fabrics. The fabric has a medium weight (210 grams per square meter) and is therefore very suitable for jackets and opaque dresses and pants.

  • Vegan
  • 210 gr / m2
  • Not dyed

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Additional information


150 cm


Polyester, recycled cotton, Virgin cotton (warp yarn)




Approximately 210 grams per square meter


Preferably you wash the fabric at 30 degrees celsius. Do you want to be able to wash your end product at higher temperatures? That is possible, but then wash the fabric at the desired temperature before cutting your pattern pieces. We recommend that you do not wash the fabric at a higher temperature than 60 degrees.


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