Selvedge twill | Brick orange


Since 2016, Enschede Textielstad has been weaving fabrics on two old shuttle looms. The looms were purchased from a weaver in Austria, who purchased them in 1972 and 1973 and has been weaving with them until his retirement.

In the heyday of the textile industry in Twente, this type of machine was widely used in the many weaving mills in the region. At one point, these looms were replaced by faster, computer-controlled looms; the looms on which we also weave most of our fabric collection. These looms are faster, more accurate and more reliable.

Still, weaving on an unwieldy old shuttle loom has its charm, and it is always a joy when weaver Dick comes to help us in the weaving mill. It is a pure, traditional form of weaving and you can see that in the cloth. The fabric is not as regular as our other fabrics, and every now and then you see a stripe, nep or a place where the loom didn’t feel like it and stopped.

This fabric is the result of hard work, lots of weaving pleasure and the acquaintance of Annemieke (founder of Enschede Textielstad) with weaving. Is the fabric perfect? No. But for us it is.

Do you like this craft as much as we do and would you like to make a garment with our ‘Ainsworth’ collection of selvedge fabrics? And do you accept that the fabric can have some irregularities? Then choose our ‘pay what you like’ method and order the fabric per linear meter for the price you like.

How does it work?
With € 10 we can pay for the yarns, finishing costs and maintenance of the machines. For € 15 we also get a small compensation for our time, and € 20 would be our normal selling price. Choose the price you want to pay for this fabric and enter the number of meters you want to order below. We will then send the material to you as soon as possible.

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Additional information


Approximately 140 cm


ca 150 gr/m2



Extra info

This unique fabric is woven on a shuttle loom from 1973. Because the spool with the yarn goes back and forth, the fabric has no fraying sides, but finished selvedges, therefore it is a so-called 'selvedge' fabric.


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