Sustainable dishwashing kit | Black & White


This dishwashing kit ensures that you can always do the dishes responsibly. The tea towels consist of recycled cotton from production and consumer waste. In fact, the white color comes from white T-shirts. The waste is very carefully sorted so that no dyes are used in the yarn and the tea towels. Together with the detergent made from citrus peels and a compostable sponge made from coconut fibers, this package is complete. The sponge, when it needs to be replaced, can be disposed in the organic waste bin.

Did you know that when you mix the citrus peels with water, a natural form of soap is released? This is called saponin. By using this detergent, you are using a waste stream for a new product.

You can choose from 1, 3 or 5 tea towels and tea towel variant you decide. You have the choice of the duotone variant, the white variant with the narrow black stripe or the black variant with white narrow stripe. Give it to a friend of to yourself as a gift.


Through the comments you can specify what variant tea towel you want to receive. Do not forget this!


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Additional information


recycled cotton, Virgin cotton (warp yarn)


approximately 50 x 70 cm


Black, White


Sustainable dish soap, sponge + 1 tea towel, Sustainable dish soap, sponge + 3 tea towels, Sustainable dish soap, sponge + 5 tea towels


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