Wool and recycled denim plaid

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This super soft and nice and large plaid (170 cm long, 120 cm wide) is perfect as a blanket on the sofa or in the garden when it cools down in the evening. The blanket is made of wool and recycled jeans. The trousers are carefully sorted, shredded and spun into yarn. In our weaving mill in Enschede we have woven this unique plaid from these recycled yarns. Due to the weaving pattern used, the fabric is blue on the front and the beige coloured woolen yarns on the back. A real eye catcher for your interior!

At the moment we only have one piece of this unique plaid in stock. Are you looking for more plaids or other lengths? Let us know, then we can weave a plaid especially for you. Delivery time is about 2 weeks.

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Additional information


Approximately 130 x 200 cm (width x length)


recycled denim, wool

Washing instructions

hand wash




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