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At Enschede Textielstad, we think it is important to be able to really help anyone looking for a sustainable fabric. Whether that is for very large quantities or a few metres for a smaller project. Sustainable fabrics should be available to everyone! Therefore, a small stock has been created of our bestsellers. Would you like to be able to quickly sample a fabric for a particular product or are you making a small run of products? Then we offer the service here to order from us quickly and easily. If you like the fabric and would like it in larger quantities and/or a different colour, this is of course also possible. Please contact our colleagues for this.

Basic collection

The organic cotton fabrics and the wool/viscose fabrics form the basis of our collection. Both qualities can be used for both fashion and interiors (accessories). They are woven with recycled cotton yarns in the weft. The yarns and fabrics are not bleached or dyed. The colour comes from the recycled cotton. If you are interested in the full collection of organic cotton fabrics or wool/viscose fabrics, ask for our sample book

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