Wool & recycled cotton cross twill • Bottle Green

35,00 incl. VAT (28,93 excl. VAT)

The cross twill is a binding with the most colour intensity on the front of the fabric. Ideal if you like beautiful, deep colours. The reverse side, funnily enough, almost looks like a knit. We have tested the fabric extensively on both sides and our conclusion is that you can use both sides as the ‘good side’ of the fabric in your design.

This Cross Twill Bottle Green has a warp of wool/viscose and a weft of recycled cotton and recycled polyester. This fabric is medium supple and is approx. 350 gr/m2. This makes the fabric very suitable for various fashion applications, such as trousers, jackets and (somewhat thicker) shirts. This fabric is also very suitable for interior design purposes.

At the moment, the cross twill bottle green is sold out. We have woven a new stock that is currently being washed & treated. Order now to make sure you do not miss out.  We expect to be able to deliver the fabric to you in week 16.

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Additional information


140 cm


350 gr/m2


43% recycled cotton, 14% recycled polyester, 21,5% wool, 21,5% viscose



Washing instructions

hand wash


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