To be fair, recycling clothes can be even better! But how?
The clothes you wear show who you are and what you like. With the many trends that come and go every summer and winter, we buy it all. We only wear many items a few times and then end up somewhere in the back of the cupboard or even throw them away!
The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. This has not only to do with the fact that so much is thrown away, but also with the production of it. By using dyes and various chemicals we are destroying the planet little by little. All these substances are harmful to us and the environment.

Recycle clothing

Suppose; you are cleaning up your closet and you come across all kinds of items that you no longer wear. You can then do a number of things.
  1. You can organize a clothes swap. You can exchange your own clothes for someone else’s. This way you get rid of your unworn items, you are sustainable and you have nice new items in return!
  2. Exchange fairs are also organized in the Netherlands. You often see these in the big cities. This is basically the same as a clothes swap only on a larger scale.
  3. You can upcycle your own clothes. Here you use the items to make something new. Or do you fix them so that you don’t have to get rid of them just yet.
  4. And of course you can hand in all your clothing at a textile collection point or textile container. Wearable clothing is then taken to a thrift store and the rest recycled or incinerated.
By swapping you can easily get rid of the items you no longer wear yourself, and you can replenish your wardrobe with new 2nd hand items from someone else! This way you get (new) clothing in a sustainable and cheap way. You can also visit the thrift store or vintage store before you go to the store or want to order online. With a little luck and a good search, there are real gems to be found!
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