New in our shop: colourful stripes for the most beautiful sustainable clothing!

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Clothing tips, Sustainability, Tailor's tips | 0 comments

Did you know that we also weave striped fabrics in Enschede? And that we do that in beautiful colours? Take a look in our webshop. There you will find a wide range of our (new) striped fabrics.

Because we weave all our fabrics ourselves, we can experiment with new fabrics from time to time. We did the same with our stripes. You may think: a stripe, that is not so difficult? Well, you are wrong. The secret of a good stripe is that width, colour and type of fabric are well balanced. And we think that is already the case with our stripes. 

Most of our striped fabrics are woven in a flat weave. This is a supple weave that is the same on both sides. Ideal for shirts and blouses. The fabrics are made of 100% cotton, of which one part recycled cotton and one part organic cotton. So our striped fabrics are also good for the environment!

Extra fabric

If you are going to use a stripe, in some cases you will need a little more fabric. This is because you want the stripe to flow nicely from one building to another in some places. Generally speaking, the wider the stripe, the more fabric you will need. So bear that in mind when buying!

Check out whether your stripe is symmetrical or asymmetrical. This is very important if you want a fabric to flow well.