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Sustainable fabrics for face masks

Are you looking for a sustainable fabric for a face mask? Then you are in the right place! The past few months we have seen more and more different mouth masks in the Netherlands. Of course you would rather not want disposable masks, because it is bad for your wallet and the environment to throw away one or more masks every day. Fabric masks are of course a good alternative: you can use them and simply wash them after use *.

To make your (homemade) mouth mask even more durable, you can use a sustainable fabric. We at make fabrics from recycled and biological materials. And all produced in our weaving mill in Enschede ! A truly sustainable and local product.

Below is an overview of our fabrics that are suitable for making face masks.

* Please note: we cannot give any guarantees about the effectiveness of a face mask that you make yourself. Check the official website of your government to see what requirements your face mask must meet.

Are you not that creative but would you like to buy a sustainable face mask? Various customers of ours have made face masks from our sustainable fabrics. You may have heard of the recycled face mask from Danya Weevers . She makes mouth masks from fabric from recycled tampons. We developed and produced this fabric in our weaving mill in Enschede. Designer Leonie Vlaar uses our linen and recycled cotton fabrics for beautiful, minimalist mouth masks . And the label NHNCD makes reversible masks of our fabrics in fun colors.