How do I iron a crease in a pair of trousers?

by | May 18, 2021 | Tailor's tips | 0 comments

The crease in trousers, many people find it difficult to get it right. Fortunately, it is not that difficult. In this article I will give you tips and a step-by-step plan.

The most important thing about ironing a crease in a pair of trousers is that you take your time. It is not difficult at all to iron a crease in a pair of trousers, but you do need to pay attention. The most important advance tips:

  • Check whether your iron is at the right temperature. Don’t put it on too hot immediately, but start a little colder. You can always heat up your iron.
  • Have a spray bottle at the ready, especially if you are working with a ‘normal’ iron without steam.

Step plan

1) Clear the ironing board and lay the trousers neatly on it. Start with one leg first. Place the side seams of the trousers neatly on top of each other. Start at the bottom, which is easiest. 

2) Make sure the fabric is nice and smooth. Take some time for this. Start with the lower leg. First, you lay it nicely on top of each other. If it lies well you can already carefully iron the fold, first at the front and then at the back. Use the plant sprayer if you want a sharper fold.

3) You have now ironed a fold in the lower leg. Now you continue to the top. Lay the trousers nice and smooth again, and take your time. The upper part of the fold is the most difficult part. The fold doesn’t have to go all the way to the waistband: up to about 10 cm from the top is fine. Iron the line in again carefully, first at the front and then at the back. 

4) Note! Do your trousers have one or more pleats? Then the crease closest to the crotch is often also your fold line. This can help you to find the right line.

5) Once you have carefully ironed in the fold, you can lift the trousers to see if it went well. If you see any wrinkles or other creases, iron them flat again. Most importantly, no matter where the crease is, it should be smooth. 

6) Completely satisfied? Iron the fold in a bit tighter, if you wish.

7) Repeat with the second property.  If you struggle the first time, remember it gets better and better the more you do it. These are the kind of things that can be tricky at first, especially as every pair of trousers is different.

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