Beach stripe lilac-white recycled cotton | Coupon

8,58 incl. VAT (7,09 excl. VAT)

This beautiful, supple striped fabric is incredibly suitable for shirts and blouses. We have this fabric available in many colors and it really is the favorite fabric of all employees. You can ideally combine this fabric with the lilac cotton cross twill because both fabrics are woven with the same color yarn.  

  • Locally woven
  • Vegan
  • Shirt fabric

This coupon has a size of 65 x 150cm (length x width).

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Additional information


Approximately 150 cm


organic cotton, recycled cotton


Approximately 161 gr/m2


Lilac, Purple, White

Extra information

The stripe runs across the width of the fabric, but can also be incorporated lengthwise.


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