What is the best fabric for making a dress?

by | Sep 6, 2021 | Tailor's tips | 0 comments

Sustainable fabrics come in all shapes and sizes. But did you know that all our fabrics are made in our weaving mill in Enschede? This gives you a good and sustainable product from the Netherlands.

We often get the question what is the best fabric for a dress. This of course depends on what kind of dress it is exactly, and what you are going to use the dress for. To get you started we have gathered some basic information for you. Still have questions? Let us know!

The best fabric for a dress

Our fashion fabrics are suitable for many purposes and of course for dresses. It is important to consider what kind of dress it should be. We have many (recycled) cotton fabrics, but also linen and wool. Our fabrics have an extensive description, to help you as much as possible. 

Although it is always difficult to choose a suitable fabric. Perhaps we can help by reviewing the properties of the different fabrics:

  • Cotton: light and strong. Easy to wash and iron. Soft grip. Good to wear in summer and winter season. 
  • Linen: light and strong, with a somewhat harder handle. Linen wrinkles faster than cotton. Very airy, so good to wear in summer. Linen is actually only beautiful after use. 
  • Wool: usually a little warmer, and therefore very suitable for winter and autumn. Our woollen fabrics often contain cotton as well, which means you can really go in all directions. Wool is crease-resistant and dirt-resistant. And supple and soft besides. 

Were you curious about our fabrics? You will find an extensive collection of sustainable fabrics for dresses in our webshop at Fashion Fabrics.