What is jacquard?

by | Mar 23, 2021

A jacquard loom is a loom that can be used to make the most complex patterns. In the past, complex patterns such as brocade or damask were made by hand. It is not possible to make complex patterns on a dobby loom. The arrival of the Jacquard loom brought many new possibilities.


The Jacquard loom was invented by Joseph-Marie Jacquard, and is based on several earlier inventions. The special feature of this loom is that all the warp threads can move separately from each other. This makes it possible to create very complex patterns, such as intricately decorated and flowered fabrics. With other looms, such as a dobby, you make use of shafts (groups of warp threads). In these, several warp threads are moved at a time, allowing less complex patterns to be created. 


In the past, Jacquard looms were controlled by cards with holes in them. The holes in the cards were translated into a pattern by the weaving process. It is a special trade to make these cards and there are only a few people left who can do it. Since the advent of the computer, the cards have become obsolete. Today’s Jacquard looms are controlled by a computer, which has a number of advantages. The change of patterns, for example, is much faster, wear and tear on the cards and thereby errors are prevented. It is still very special to see how such an old-fashioned Jacquard loom works, and the cards that were made by hand have a certain charm. 

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