Everything for sustainable DIY fashion

If you are conscious in life and like to make your own clothes, then of course you prefer a
sustainable fabric for your project. For this you are at the right place at sustainablefabrics.shop!

Enschede Textielstad is a sustainable weaving mill, with local production in Enschede. All our fabrics are made from organic and / or recycled yarns.

You can already purchase our fabrics per 10 centimeters so you have just enough for your project. That is better for the environment and your wallet. We try to ship an order the same day.

organic cotton (21)
Organic cotton (6)
Polyester (5)
recycled cotton (41)
recycled denim (4)
recycled PET bottles (6)
Virgin cotton (warp yarn) (8)
viscose (9)
wool (12)
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